PATRON – His Royal Highness Prince Inigo of Lithuania, Prince of Urach and Count of Württemberg (KE,CH,GE)

A professional Army Ofiicer, His Royal Highness holds the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel in the German Armed Forces. He is also active in forest management in Germany and Lithuania, administering the family’s properties. He is engaged in numerous charitable and environmental organisations, and is honorary Professor (Prof. h.c. UNIA/Pucallpa/Peru) for sustainable forestry management in Peru. Within the activities of Save-The-Lake, he is Technical Director for various projects.

Patronage for the Save the Lake Foundation (pdf file)



CHAIRMAN – Dr. Baron Rainer Kensy von Echlin (KE,CH,GE)

Dr. von Echlin's background includes: Board memberships in Swiss Private Banking Sector, Private Equity Partnerships, Former Global Head of AI(UBS Private Sector), Salomon Brothers and Credit Suisse (Germany, Japan and Switzerland). PhD in Financial Economics, MBA and Masters’ degree in Agricultural Engineering . Furthermore, he issued over 50 publications and four books. He is international coordinator for the french-speaking projects of the Order of St John and is also active in charitable, mainly agricultural projects in the Caribbean and in Eastern Europe.


COUNTRY DIRECTOR – Konrad Justus Muench (KE)

Mr. Muench gathered first experience in Africa as a German Army Officer (peacekeeping missions OEF). He entered the waste management industry in 2004, specializing first in RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) and was responsible for a number of international waste disposal projects in emerging countries. Starting from 2009, he built up composting and plastic recycling operations in Kenya.




TREASURER - Ehsan Malik (KE)

Mr. Malik has been a long-serving board member in different NGO’s in Kenya. He has been, i. a., chairman of the Board’s Finance Committee of a renown Kenyan NGO reaching out to the victims of alcohol abuse and drug addiction for many years. As a chartered secretary and financial officer of several businesses, the organization relies strongly on his more than 40 years of experience in the sector.




BOARD MEMBER – Nicholas Musyoki Mulwa (KE)

Mr. Mulwa has been working in the real estate sector in Kenya for over 10 years. As such, he has specialized in different fields, mainly in marketing and financial management. He holds a degree of the Technical University of Kenya and is part of different professional organisations. Inter alia, he served as a Youth Ambassador in Church related activities and has been working with Save the Lake Foundation right from the start. He is involved in different charitable youth initiatives in Nairobi (Embakasi).



BOARD MEMBER – Renato V. Compostella (KE, CH)

Mr. Compostella is the CEO of a marketing strategy company in Switzerland. During his studies of History and Art at the University of Zürich and the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, he worked as an independent illustrator and painter. In addition to his philanthropist activities, he is engaged in different international environmental projects. His family has been living in Eastern Africa for more than 130 years. Mr. Compostella has become well acquainted with Kenya since his childhood.